Hassle-Free Commercial Insurance

Choosing commercial insurance is absolutely necessary to have protection for your business, business owners, and employees. Commercial insurance will help your business grow, manage interruptions and risk in the business, offer asset protection, prepare for disasters, and more. Whether it’s a large corporation or a small, local business, identifying and choosing what you need is easy with TWG.

We understand that every business is unique, therefore we don’t recommend choosing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ commercial insurance plan that other agencies offer. For example, a local baked goods shop will have different needs from an insurance policy than an auto repair shop.

Many businesses choose a combination business owners policy (BOP) to start because it offers various insurance options in a single convenient package. This includes basic yet necessary coverages such as general business liability, commercial property, commercial auto, and crime insurance. Options available to add-on can include equipment breakdown insurance, workers compensation, builder’s risk, cyber liability, business interruption, and more.

Insurance benefits for employees, such as group visional, dental, disability, and life insurance, are part of commercial insurance packages. Surety bonds fall under commercial insurance as well, which will offer the business protection if a contractor does not meet the terms of their contract or follow rules and regulations. Surety bonds will also protect businesses against monetary loss resulting from employee theft and court decisions.

Other than business type, TWG will help you determine your needs by identifying:

  • Gross Revenue
  • Employees
  • Location (s)
  • Operation Years
  • Vehicle rental or ownership
  • Building rental or ownership

TWG agents will work with you to choose the coverage options that benefit your industry and your unique business the most!